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    Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
    1:49 pm
    Life has been pretty hard lately. Working and school is just hard work and hell, its not like i have that much free time to begin with. Drinking and partying on weekends is almost something is required now-a-days. Its not that i have a choice, well, hypothetically, i do have a choice but with everyone doing it and people asking me to come, its almost demanded of me. I want to stay in sometimes but something always happens and its nice to see your friends when you havent seen them in a while, especially during the time call hell, i mean, class. Yea, its just i miss people so its always nice to catch up with people.

    Im going to tie up loose ends from various storylines through out my life. Some have been started on here, others been around.

    - Aquaman is done but i only done the basic sketches of the Zatanna poster so im gonna get on that this weekend and hopefully be done by next friday or monday, depending on how i feel. Its only in the basics but i'll get on it.

    - the Script of "the Brief Case" has been started but i'll start on it offically this week. I need to finish a few scenes in my head but so far, its been interesting.

    - Work at Blue Chair Productions has been interesting, to say the lease. Sabrina has been promising to pay us but we're still getting SHANKED. I figure that if i dont make any money within the week, ill start applying at this shoe place near hte office. That way, i can come in like 5 hours a week anyways. I still love shoes. The short movie " Its nothing Personal" has been turned into a full length feature film. Needless to say, its a god awful movie. Its just bad. not bad, horrible. Tina Love is fucking dumb. Her side kick, Rose, is even dumber.

    - Living with andy has been to say the least. I figure that i would wanna kill Peter by now but it hasnt come true yet. Im gonna go over my house ina bit but something else really funny happened......i got my deposit back...or i mean, the LACK of a deposit. They took ALL of my deposit AND i owe them 30 dollars. Fucking phillip has been dragging his feet like no other and its bugging the FUCK out of me. UGH. I got pictures and shit but i cant believe they charge for hte most mischellaeous reasons ever so i'm gonna take them to court and whomp on their sorry ass. I have to go down to the small claims court to get some legal advice.

    - Im probably never going to write baout this since its been 2 months and ib een stalling about it. Im going to miss Coach Hennessee. The man loved me like a father and i owe him everything. I might have to write about it now but he left AHS and yea..... i dont k now....i dont wanna talk about it.

    - The new Saosin Cd is among one of my favorite cds of all time. Its amazing and even though it lacks the strong vocals of Anthony Green, it is stil one good cd.

    - My life sucks....i hate my life....i just dont enjoy myself right now...too many choices at too many turns. Scared for the first time. Not very Hal Jordan but someone's gotta step up and i hope thats gonna me. More on this shit later. Peace.
    Monday, September 25th, 2006
    1:00 pm
    imcomplete camping trip
    i just came back from a raod trip. Needless to say, i still fucking stink but hey, its a good aroma, especially when you been in the woods for fucking days and only one shower. Needless to say, wilson had a good time dispite hte circumstances.

    I left on Sunday. ellie, karen, and Joe planned the trip to arizona....actually, it was pretty much just karen and ellie. They had it all mapped out and shit and hell, im one of those lazy people that figure...hey, you guys are driving, you guys figure it out. I was more than willing to take hte wheel but ellie insisted that she drive hte entire way so it was like, MEH. I had to go to sportmart to pick up a sleeping bag, which i will return within 90 days just to give the middle finger to Sportmart. Anyways, we took off about 11ish. We didnt get to vegas utnil about 5. It was a long ride but as a group, we talked a lot and had a decent amount of fun but early on, joe already was annoying.

    Joe? Annoying? No way? You know what i have with this kid? Nothing other than he bugs me. I mean, i love passive people. I am pretty passive, like when im fucking baked? Im pretty mellow and passive. But i hate people who dont have opinions...on anything, and to make it worst, this kid has a backbone of vertually jello. He makes no attempt to make himself stand out and he acts like such a fucking kid. His excessive usesage of hte word "Sweet" makes me want to punch him in the jaws so he would stop saying it but i didn twant to say anything. He got on my nerves way early but i figure, hey, once im at hte grand canyon and im baked, i wouldnt care. But this kid....bugged the fuck out of me. He just likes reaffirming what either karen, ellie or me said. UGH.

    Anyways, we get to the grand canyon at about fucking 11. Unfortunately, it was fucking COLD as shit and we had to set up the tent. Unfortunately, none of us knew how a tent worked but hey, me and joe struggled but finally got it together. Needless to say that that tent was fucking cold as shit. And me, being a isomniac, couldnt sleep, even when i was next to ellie but then, it might have been teh fact that it was way too cold. We woke up way early because it was either too uncomfortable.

    Karen was a sloth the entire day and just slept around. What a surprise. I went exploring, high off my ass just because it was so beautiful outside. Why do it sober when you can do it high. So i was walking down a path and it eventually hit cobble stones and i kept going. I knew it was a sorta bad idea but i tried anyways. As i kept going, i saw some amazing shit. For instance, there are these birds that can climb trees. No, not fly but climb. Like, with their claws and without using their wings. It was a major tripfest. however, when i was out deeper, i saw hte biggest fucking rabbit ever. Im talking , like the size of a dog. Easily the ears went up to my chest but no one believed me. They were like, "wilson, h ow much did u smoke and what else did u eat out there?" Yesh....there was a rabbit but no one believed me. Boo.

    The rest of hte day went by relatively easy. It was mostly downtimme from the actual trip itself. All that time int eh car and just getting food and etc in general was quite a mess. We ended up eating can soup and smores over the fire. Pretty laid back and chill.
    Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
    8:14 pm
    wilson is not a stud, he is THE stud
    So….wilson’s status in the alpha-male chain ladder of isla vista has either taken a skyrocket up or in freefall, not sure.

    I been spending a fair amount of time and energy with Mimie lately and its been a bit weird but I really don’t know whats going on with us. Anyways, I was going to set up another night round of beer pong and text messaging different people to see if they wanted to come over and then gage how much beer I might possibly need. But after an hour of tossing out instant messages, I had a interesting reply from a particularly interesting girl, whose name is Jenny Stieg. After several text messages, I find out that she’s throwing a mad party at her place, with a few favorite sportmarters there. Not that I mind of course, seeing how I love my ex-co-workers. I called up Amy to see if she was going and she gave me a thumbs up so I figure that iw ould be going with her. I invited Mimie but she had shit to do, aka, get her life together and not fail. I invited Lolo but she was tired but she swung by anyways. WE talked and hanged out a bit and then headed off to drop her off while I went to the party at jennie’s.

    Keep in mind I am still loving jennie and all but I still have a thing going on with mimie. But anyways, I drop of lolo and head off to the party. I don’t really know too many people here and there but I ended up playing flip cup and the usual drinking games. There was a dance floor but I wanted to stay off until I got a bit more hammered. Amazingly enough, this really tall asian girl that I met during Chem Lab from freshman year was there. But enough about her. She’s not into this equation….yet. She asks me to dance but I politely turned her away seeing how im waiting for amy and besides, Ellie said that she might show up later.

    So, little buzzed and fabulous Amy shows up with her hottie friend. I don’t remember her friend’s name but she was cute and we were dancing on the dance floor. Amy knows that I can move fairly well on the dance floor but her hot friend was fairly taken back by wilson’s “suave” moves. Keep in mind, this is the general theme of the night. She was astonished that I can dance and she stepped up by getting closer, which, I don’t mind.

    So I switched dance partners and danced with Amy and out of the corner of my eye, a different scenario is taking place. The tall asian girl is being harassed. She is hot, like fucking holy shit hot. This was a highlighter party but she was wearing this button shirt that she tied up really high, the Britney Spears hot catholic girl music video, look. It took me a while but I remembered that her name was Joy. Anyways, Joy is being harrased and touched by this guy that was being a creeper. So I already talked to her a few times so she decides to push the guy away and dance with me. She sneaks up on me and dances with me from behind me and puts her hand on my waist as a way of saying that she wasn’t interested in the dude. I turned around and put my hands on her waist and took control but she didn’t know or didn’t pay attention to the fact that I can dance, and pretty well at that. So, she is definitely surprise but steps up. The song, I believe, was Lil Jon’s Get Low.

    So… that im sober and looking at this whole scenario. What is wilson’s role in Isla Vista? Am I the asian kid that people want to dance with because he is safe? But yet my skills put girls in their place….so, where does tha tplace me. Obviously, Wilson is a safe guy to hang out and dance with in public but is it because I wont do anything to them that is consider ‘low’ such as getting them drunk or what not. I don’t know. I think its all in the moral sense. Whatever. I had a fun time and Wilson is still a fucking stud cuz I get shit done.
    Monday, August 28th, 2006
    9:39 pm
    Party Hardy
    The beerfest at my birthday weekend was great. I have to say something. FUCK, i am an AMAZING FUCKING Host. It was just simply chaotic but it was just so fun.

    I ended up going to Rite-Aid with Adrian and picked up about 60 bucks worth of beer. Fun stuff. I picked up 2 30 packs, 1 20 longbottle pack and a 12 pack of the Green stuff, aka, rolling rock. It was an extremely good deal for the beer. anyways, it was a fucking ass load and i also pryed out one o fhte closet doors and set it on top of chairs to have a beer pong table. It was looking fucking good. As ghetto as the table was, man, it was fucking crazy table. The table was long then your average beer pong table so it was looking FUCKING sick. House rules was that you have to drink for every air ball until you had less than 3 cups. Definately fun.

    I invited a bunch of people but only a fair amount showed up. I wanted to see and hang out with Jennie again, even tho she has a boy friend, but she had a benefit dinner. However, a bunch of the sportmarters were all busy but super cool honorary footwear chick Amy came. Then, all hell broke loose. Team sprotmart, aka, Me and Amy took on Mimi and Lauren, aka Team Victoria secret. Needless to say who took a whoppin. I have to say, me and amy was a fucking bad ass team. We just absolutely kick ass. We took them down along with another 7 games before we finally lost. Yea....i was pretty hammered after that.

    Yea....i lost a lot of braincells from that, not to include the fact that we smoked a few bowls after, before and during that beer pong run. It was also pretty cool that the people living in the apartment that Tatum use to live in came to play and smoke with us. Definately something i can get use to. But anyways, we didnt evne finish the second 30 pack.

    Fun times but wilson fucking rocks as a host. Having Amy as a partner does wonders but i also love the new set up of my pad. ITs fucking dope. The two couch sesh look is awesome. Anyways, thats it. Later.
    Friday, August 25th, 2006
    2:00 am
    Titans are family
    One of my favorite comic book series is the Teen Titans run by Geoff Johns, who I think is the best fucking writer in the current industry. Over Grant Morrison. Over Alan Moore. Over Meltzer. Geoff Johns. The Man. Anyways, I was reading the Teen Titan series and it was good and of all the different teams in the DC universe I wish I was, I would love to be a Titan at least once in my super hero career.

    Green Arrow says this: “Like I always say, the JSA may teach you how to be a hero, and the Titans may teach you to be a family but the league, sure, it teaches you how to protect but from the very start, the league teaches you how to fight.”

    This week proves it. Its my first birthday without my family. It was weird. I had a weird longing for personal attachments, like ive always have but it was just…I wanted my family to be around. My friends really really helped. Sabrina, my boss, and the other interns did a good job in cheering me up and making me feel better. Ellie was real sweetheart and took me out to dinner and a movie. We watched Snakes on a Plane…..shut up. I wanted to watch it. It was a fun movie. Especially when the dude gets bit in the balls. Haha. Good laugh. Anyways, the movie was well watching. Afterwords, Adrian, Noah and Lulu invited me over to their place to eat as well so I had two dinners.

    Oh and in the process of all of this, I almost finished my Aquaman picture. YAH!

    Back to story. It was good to see that my friends cared. Ellie knew that I missed like my friends and family so she did what she had to do. And I love her for that. But with this whole being independent thing, I can really realte to the Teen titans. Its funny because the one single theme that they continue to emphasize is Family. Robin…family. Every one of the titans desire family. Even the bad guys try to find family. Captain Boomerang, lost his father, and searched for a family to belong to. The Same also goes for The Brotherhood. Hell, even Brother blood revives former titans so that he can have a fake family.

    And right now, I have a longing for family. But my friends helped me and I love them for that. That’s why im throwing a party tomorrow. I rather use the money given to me as a present to use it on friends who helped me and recognize my friendship. Its not going to be a open party but it’ll be small and for those who are my friends and care about me.

    Yea….i would rant but im too lazy and stupid for that right now. Later.
    Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
    6:26 pm
    Rubbing elbows and dining with santa barbara's rich and powerful
    I have to say, this dinner date/ thingy turned out way fucking better than I thought it was gonna be. I got the notice for Oil Is History a while back. It was the grand opening of the Horace Bristol gallery that is ran by his son, Henri Bristol. Henri was the DP in the Go Down Mary Jane music video so Sabrina thought it woulda been cool for us to go. Us as in the interns. Anyhoo, truth be told, I didn’t even want to go. I threw away the first two invites because Wilson just frankly doesn’t care about art. Anyways, I didn’t care or thought about until Wednesday.

    On Wednesday, the first day that I actually got there in the morning and worked 9 hours there.. Anyways, it was boring and I was hungry until Sabrina decided that the interns are gonna be helping Henri set up the gallery himself. So..yah…FUN! The place was in the middle of fucking no where, like the boonies of State Street. Anyways, I was bored and me and sly ended up putting up pictures and doing the setting up. As I was setting it up, I got more and more interested in it but I still didn’t wanna go. It’s a Friday night event thingy.

    However, change of events on Thursday. Andy, the other intern, gave me a ride to work. We were talking and what not and by the time we got to the office, we were tired and fucking lazy like no other. So when Sabrina came in, we were ½ way to passing out from bordem. Somehow, we started talking about the art gallery opening on Friday night and she is trying to pursade us to go. I had no intention of going but Andy was semi-interested. So me and andy was talking about Ellie and Sabrina suggested that Andy go to the gallery with elie and since im good friends with ellie, I didn’t mind trying to hook andy with ellie. I had other intentions. But somehow, we agreed to a double date to the Art Gallery opening. Exciting! Not even sarcastic.

    Mimi ended up coming over that night to play tennis with me and phil. She has really improved since we first started playing. But Wilson has increased in speed, agility and attack since then. She and phill gave up a fight and even took a set before Wilson shut them down. Anyways, that night, we were drinking Sake and I asked her to go to the gallery with me and she said yes on the condition of open bar. Haha, sweet girl.

    Next day boring boo hoo day until I got out of my internship. I got back about 3ish and I hanged out. Watched some TV and read up on my comic book junkie needs. Mimi came around 5ish just to get more information about the night and got dressed. Meanwhile, I continued to help Noah and Adrian with moving their shit out.

    At 6:15, I went outside to meet up with Andy but andy apparently flaked out and didn’t call ellie….idiot. So Mimi, looking like a bombshell in a black and white dress, a perfect completment to my black and white dress up. Perfect for arm candy…haha, don’t tell her I said that. Anyways, we got to the gallery at 6:40ish. We had food and wine. Andy didn’t want to drink so me and mimi loaded up on alcohol. Free wine bar…holla. We had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of pictures, met a few people, didn’t even get to see the hot chick from A New World but whatever. It was a good dinner, little, but fancy. Me and andy got to hang out with Sabrina for a while and didn’t help that she was joshing me and giving me shit but its fine. Mimi had a good time. Well, im gonna assume she had a good time but she was talking about how she never been to one of these “rich people” events so it was a fun experience for her.

    We got a bit tipsy off the wine at the dinner gallery but we ended up headed back and I picked up beer. I left it with andy and me and mimi headed back out p[lrace to dedress for the night. We ended up just chilling out and watching some tennis. I would love a girl friend who can just chill out and watch tennis with me, especially when they know what is going on…..*drools*. Needless to say, she was looking fuck hot but yea…it was fun. Unfortunately, we hanged out too late and then went over to andy’s where he already left for the IV nightlife. So we ended up getting pizza and going back to my place to hang out.

    Yea….good night. The proble3m is I don’t k now what me and mimi are….not anymore. Clearly, we’re not going out or BF/GF but we just hang out and go on dates and hook up so I don’t know. And I got a hangout date with Rachel coming up…..*sigh* options.
    Friday, August 11th, 2006
    10:36 am
    I think all blogs should start like the volume 3 of The flash. In a classic, im the fucking man way. U know why i like it? Because its fucking amazing. In all Flash issues since the 1990's, they ALWAYS start the same way.

    My Name is Wally West.
    And I am the fastest man alive.

    Imagine if all bloggers writer start off like that.

    My Name is Maddox.
    I am the greatest man ever.

    My name is Max Tucker.
    I have fucked more girls than you can imagine.

    I think it would be a great way to start. I mean, for the weaker, or uninteresting, theres not much to say but to boldly say your name and your fucking title, thats badass all the way.

    Anyways, i missed out on the 200 dolalr dinner tonight...blah, oh well. I wanted to go and i wanted to take Mimi and it woulda been a nice event for the two of us, coupled without her roommate, score. But she wanted to go home after missing her birthday...well, she wanted to stay and it woulda been a good night. Life just doesnt turn out the way oyou like it.

    I been bored off my ass and i will begin training my awesome fighting fishes next week. I know, im excited. I got a full battle regiment for my fishes. They'll be more juiced up than any crazy fish in the universe. He'll be roided out with crazy fins and buff gills. But then, getting two fishes to duel it out...seems sorta cruel. Maybe if i had a friend to raise a rival one so they can have like a 3-way fight...hahah. Well, i'll figure it out as i go.

    I saw the Aquaman pilot. Extremely disappointed. I coulda written a better script with a better plot with a bigger market/demographic employment. But then...aquaman is a hard character to write with so many takes and shit....

    My thoughts are fucking convoluted right now but heres a funny thing i never really talk about. I take on everything and everyone with a stride. I try to maintain that stride against everything and everyone. but something that tends to break my stride and turn me into a wallow of shit is death. I have dealt with a LOT of shit throughout the years but death is just something i cant deal with. Recently, a neighbor of mine, Alex, not SToner/dealer/tennis Alex, but tall Alex that lives with the gay black guy (literally) recently got into a car accident and passed away. Me, Lulu and Adrian went to visit Palmer, the gay black guy. Man, Palmer wasnt doing too well but it was just so awkward. But just seeing how alex's death had effected so many people, it just hurts me. Its crazy how much impact one life has on so many people and i guess thats why i cant deal with it. I cant even imagine dealing with a death of a house/room mate. FUcking a.....i didnt deal well with the death of Les last year. And well, it just hurts me. I wonder whats it like to die. To just pass away and not see the impact of your life on others. Also, a friend of mine from sportmart also died recently as well. *sigh* Talk about the lost of innocence. Shit...

    Yea, i just dont like talking about death.

    Ayways, i got a night with Mimi tonight with Andrew from internship and ellie. Its funny that my own co-worker/co-intern has a thing for ellie as well. But right now, ellie is in the back of my mind right now. It would be awesome to hang out with her and among other things but this night, its all about me and mimi. The four of us are going on a double date to the premier opening of a high-class art exhibit which will feature the rich and powerful of Santa Barbara. hell of a night ahead of us. But the way i look at it, i'll have a pen and business card ready to hand out to these bitches. Make your connections now. Im not sure if its a formal black tie event or just semi-casual but i got my black tie ready to go.

    I gotta call andrew later about this. Anyways, fun night ahead and look forward to a update later on 2morrow.
    Sunday, July 30th, 2006
    6:26 pm
    Comic-Con San diego 2006
    Here lies the chronicle of a lifetime.

    Friday, July 21, 2006
    6:52 – the train have now embarced. Theres no turning back. I had to wake up this morning at 5:30. Not the prettiest sight but I had to get to the El Collegio stop to take the 24X towards downtown, then I would walk to the train station. IT should have started off without a hitch but already, problems were amassing. A) I didn’t realize the 6:05 bus was at UCSB, not the el collegio stop. Oh shit, u know that’s when shit is about to go down. Im at the bus stop at approximately 5:50 andtrying to find a way to back to UCSB. Fortunately, the 23 rolls around and I ask the bus driver if we would catch the 24x and she told me that the 23 turns into the 24x. So I already dodged a bullet. Maybe that’s a good fucking sign. I get to the bus station on downtown State. B) I realize that I might notget to the train station on time but the lady on 24x told me to take the 5 about ¾ of the way there and then walk. I do it. I make it on time with time to spare dispite my initial anxiaiouty about not making it. This trip is nothing but good omens. Maybe god wants to be nice to me after dicking me in everything else. Also, shitty weather in SB….dodged another bullet but I wouldn’t mind a night inside with mimi. Haha. Alrite, im passing out. Too tired. See you in SD or tonight.

    12:12 the train is still on the way. Its taking a while, go figure. A lot of fellow Comic-con fans on board now. How can you tell? They’re in cosplay. HAHA. Love it. Anyways, its fucking awesome to see people to enthusiastic about it. I just watched Indy Jones and the last crusade. Great movie. Damn…you know who I want to see right now? Mimi. Yea…she’s on my brain right now. The fucking train is late by 45 minutes and im suppose to be there at 12 already. That sucks. I’ll try to post this tonight. I brought a fair amount of weed so im gonna just a few tokes tonight and call it a night instead of exploring…..exactually, I wouldn’t mind exploring SD tonight after comic con high as shit. It’l be fun.

    Since im bored, I got some cool news from yesterday. I had a full day yesterday between classes and the internship. We scouted locations to shoot the music video for the band, The Limes. They wanna do a old-school music video, very reminisque of Bond intros with smoke and mirrors and shit. And I guess they’re using my hookah. Awesome. I’ll have footage by the time the MV premieres.

    Alrite, im out, talk to you later after comic-con is over for the night.

    10:42 Its fucking official. Im fucking coming back next year. Fuck that “its for nerds” shit….i met bryan singer…and a whole lotta other shit. Wellll, lets start. It was a semi-long walk from the Amtrak station to Motel 6 but it wasn’t tooooo bad. I got there and had lunch at the local deli. I didn’t want to wander tooo hard from the motel when they were setting up my room. Yea, im staying at motel 6. i got into my room, checked it out and got ready to go to Comic-con. I was walking when I got lazy and confused and took a cab. Haha. Yea, it was only 5 bucks for about 1 ½ miles. Ugh. I wish I had my bike with me or hell, just better shoes. I wore my Nike Shoxs instead of the Kayanos which means less cushion and even less walking support. Boo. They didn’t need any more volunteers for the day so that meant that I had to pay for my first day which I didn’t mind. I thought about it and this is the conclusion I came to. If I did volunteer that day, which meant 3 hours, than I wouldn’t have been able to visit all the stands because by the time I got there, it was like 2:30 already so I woulda only had time after 6 which woulda meant CRAP. So I paid the first day on Friday and it was bloody fucking amazing. The first person I saw……you wouldn’t believe it. It was Aaron Allston and Troy Denning. Im sorry but I had to talk shit to troy denning. Aaron allston was actually really really nice and we had a like a star wars chat and it was definitely fun. Denning was actually really young. I don’t think anyone know whose these guys are other than garry.

    I also met Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira aka chick from Adams Family. She was hot for a chick that was 50…haha. But she was supernice even tho the line was fucking long.

    By this point, I got tired of standing around for autographs. I head downstars into the company booths. Oooooooh WOW, the shit that you see. Imagine anything and everything related to video games, comic books and movies and put them together. Think of any random cult movie. Now think of a character. Now think of putting their face or making a picture of them. They’ll have it there. Yea, even games that haven’t come out yet have the models on display. For instance, Hellgate London already has sick ass statues out. Whoo whoo

    I got in line and got my Identity Crisis hardcover signed. Yippee. I wanted to talk to Geoff Johns but the line was soooo fucking long. Its ridiculous when nerds bring in 100 differnet comics and expect geoff to sign every fucking one of them. Bitches. But the cool part was that Brian Singer made a special appearance at Comic-con, REPPPIN the DC. I got to take a picture with him. I found the secret to getting pictures but I’ll talk about it later.

    I then went outside to line up for the Snake on a Plane preview that also had a panel of Samuel L. Jackson. Man, it was crazy how excited people were for his movie. I thought it was gonna be lame but it wasn’t that bad. The preview was pretty funny overall and S.L. Jackson was pretty funny when he was answering the crowd’s question. They placed about 5000 people into the room just for Snakes on a Plane. Crazy.

    Then everyone went to the special public showing of Ultimate Avengers 2. Yea, it was FUCKING sick. So crazy. I thought the movie was so bad ass but the crowd was pretty gay. So many geeks and shit….get the fuck out.

    Anyways, im done updating you guys. I left comic con after the ultimate avengers movie and here I am in the motel, stoned off my ass. I’ll talk to you guys later.

    Saturday, July 22, 2006
    9:10 PM – MAN, what a fucking day. Im mixed between annoyed and angry and fuckin feeling good. With Saturday being the crazy day of the convention, especially with all the families and fan boys showing up, it was going to be crazy straight off the bat. I also volunteered today so I was pretty much working for my ticket. My slated time for volunteering was 9:30 to 12:30, wasn’t too bad. I got there early and we got to see everyone set up. One part about being a volunteer is that its pretty easy. But for me, It was even easier. All I did was sit, no joke. Since there were so many volunteers, all I did was sit on my ass and talk to other volunteers. There was this weird white guy that liked anime and this big semi fat guy that was a computer designer. Yea…and people say that comic con is for nerds…. HAHA, no, but seriously, it was fun just talking to people and seeing what they’re here for. The computer guy goes to comic-con every year for the low down on games, equipment, and programs. The anime guy was just a white guy trying to be asian. One of those people.

    The suck thing about being a volunteer is that you miss all the programs from 11 to 12. I went to the DC panel but it was filled up instantly. Damn. I read on the program that the Wayan Brothers were also gonna be there but unfortunately, I read the program wrong and I went 45 minutes late but I got to see them for a second before they left. Oh well. I got bored waiting so I went to the autograph booths and met a bunch of really really cool people. I met Dean Haugland, the dude from X-Files and the Lone Gunmen. The guy was definitely really really chill. We talked about X-Files and how he was killed off and shit like that. He was fun dude. I also saw the black guy from the original Dawn of the Dead and we talked about the differences between the first and second one. He was fucking big tho. I also met the dude from battlestar Galatica, Herbert Jefferson. He played the guy running for leader but gets dicked so he fucks everyone up. We chatted and shit, he was nice too. It was cool that all these tv actors and movie stars were so nice in person. I sorta just expected them to be dicks all around. Unfortunately, there are also some fucking STUCK up people. They charge you 10 bucks to take a picture with them. THE FUCK. Playboy girls, yea, I get it. Other wise, these no name bitches? HELL NAH. I skipped these booths. I went to a few panels today. Spotlight on Brad Meltzer was fucking cool. Brad Meltzer was chill as fuck. The DCU panel had a few surprise announcement such as Bruce Timm’s new projects which include….the DCAU DEATH OF SUPERMAN. How fucking crazy is that shit?

    I also got to meet Grant Morrison. He was so friendly. But Fucking Geoff Johns, one of the reasons I came, was a no show on his Saturday signing so my Green Lantern Rebirth remains unsigned. I think most of the day I concentrated on browsing around because I was getting tired and I figured that this is my first year and I’ll skip Sunday since I had shit to do anyways.

    I got into the line for the Veronica Mars signing. IT was fucking long wait but hey…she’s hot and if it scores me some points with Rachel, I wouldn’t mind. Besides, I need a new facebook picture….i am tempting the Brian Singer picture tho. Man, there are some fucking nerds at the convention. The guy in the front of me was a fucking Veronica addict, like, he has the bag that she had from season whatever and all this other gay retarded shit that made me wanted to slap. I didn’t even get to talk to Kristen bell and I also wished I had her Maxim shoot. BLAH. But I did get to tak ea picture with her and all these cameras were flashing when she took the picture with me because apparently, im one of the very few that actually asked for a picture with her. Haha, Wilson, ur a idiot. That pretty much marked the end of the convention. I missed the Sony Presents: Spiderman 3 and Ghost Rider. Awe. Oh well. Supposily Nick Cage, Sam Raimi and the entire cast of spiderman 3 was suppose to be there but I missed it. Oh well. Veronica mars was worth it. Besides, I get brownie points with Rachel if I give the autographs to her since I frankly don’t give a flying shit about VM.

    Yea…by that time, I was just wiped out. I had gotten a few comic books and gotten them signed by the respective artistes but I didn’t care too much because I was just wipppped out. Standing around and shuffling against other nerds is hard work after 8 hours. *shutter* By 7, everyone had started to leave but I also auditioned for the part of NAMOR the submariner in the up coming Marvel Alliance.l haha. It’ll be funny to see Wilson as namor but whatever, it was an attempt.

    Anyways, I got stoned and passed out at the hotel aftewords. Fun stuff.
    Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
    2:59 pm
    Well, i have quite a delimma. WEll, sort of. You guys figure it out. Comic con entry 2nite as a break. I got a final 2mmorrow so i have to s tudy 2nite. I need to rant for now before i start studying, just need to get everything off my chest.

    Delimmas and girls seem to be in the same sentence a lot. Anyways, two of them have been sorta wrecking havoc on my life..a lot. Mimi. Asian girl. Sorta hot, on the asian level. Which is a fucking complement from wilson. Mimi is a sunshine and a total babe. We been hanging out a lot together. We play tennis together, just chill out, watch tv, drink, the usual shit. It doesnt help that i hve the HOTS for her and theres no denying theres chemestry between the two of us. When you have two white-washed asians who enjoys partying, theres plenty of chemestry to start. It also doesnt help that wilson hooked up with her two weeks ago. So i dont k now where our relationship is at. I would totally take hte intiative if not for ths other girl.

    Rachel Maher. You would think i would be done talking about her but we havent talked in a while and i got a good way to "open dialogue." Thers just something about Rachel. She is not even hot now that i think about it but theres just somethinng about her that makes my lungs tight and my voice gone. I cant tell if iti sucks or its just her. I have talked to way hotter girls an d i dont get as nervous or wrecked. But th eres just something about her. I got that card of veronica mars cast that i have no need for and i think its hte perfect medium for me to talk to her, especiallly after she hook those CD up last year. It would be good and she would be good for me. I'll figure it out later this week. Promise of an update.
    Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
    1:12 am
    the infamous 6-0 shut out followed by victory
    Its a well known fact. Hell, its almsot universal. The Serve-and-volley tennis player is among the most aggressive, requires the most skill and is single handedly the hardest style to play. Dispite being showcased by tennis greats such as Pete Sampras and my boy, John McEnroe, its quite hard to play with. In recent history, it is also shown that the best players on the courts are all-court players, demonstrated by Federer's recent domination of tennis.

    Alex Weinstein. As of right now, i have done 0 for 100 or what not between the two of us. All-court players have destroyed Serve-and-volley players in profession and now in my personal life. I have yet to win against him but all that was about to change. We played tennis on saturday after a semi-lack luster friday. Friday, different story. We also played but alcohol story for later. ANYWAYS, we played on friday and i lost 6-3. We decided to play on saturday since its no surprise that we both wanted to accomplish some sort of baseball trade among our league. Almost a league of champions, if you say. Anyways, we play.

    first game was horendous. My volleys were off by inches too often. Service game was absolutely disgusting, suffering almost 5 double faults. Teh usual wilson movement on his serve was almost non-existant, giving up cross court shots over and over again.

    I went down 6-0, just like alex predicted. Humilated but not ready to call it a day, i demanded a rematch. alex even predicted another 6-0 victory. No victory will come for him.

    The next set went by pretty fast. I started serve and dished out the damage with serves tapping both sides of the court for 2 aces. I won the match and broke his serve. Another set of serves from my set settled the score at 3-0. Alex, being hte iceman that i know he is, reclaimed his coolness and fought back. Using annoying tactics to keep me from the net, he stormed back to even the score at 3-3. The ball was back in my court and i remained unbroken. By expanding the strike zone and overpowering his backhand, i won the next point to put hte ball at 3-4. I broke his serve again and took hom the game with a classic net poach shot.

    After 2 years of frustration and nearing a 3 year drought as well as the unoffical label of alex's whipping boy, i stromed back to win my first set against the weinstein. Odds are that we are playing again this week and he'll demand a rematch. Odds are i'll have to depend on my serve-and-volley strategy and take him down......or try taking him down. HAHA. Yea.....

    anyways, thats all. I just wanted to comment on the fact that i beat him for hte first time. YEA!!!!!!!!
    Monday, July 17th, 2006
    11:30 pm
    Ground Breaking Alcoholic Research
    San Leandro, California - After several hours of research, local San Francisco-Bay Area student Garry Chao have discovered the lethal effects of alcohol on the human body. His research data, along with his infamous Livejournal web blog, have created not only a wave of outrage but also concern throughout various universities throughout the United States. The news have reached schools as far as the University of Camberg, Dublin, in Ireland.

    Chabot Community College student Chao's data stems from personal research from his laboratory at the local college. His new data shows the average college student's underage drinking in college would lead to liver failure and total body failure within eight years after graduation. After thorough research and analysis, it clearly trumps the previous data set by the Food and Drug Administration's research from two years before. Chao's data stemmed that the average student takes about 7 beers a night for two nights on average. With the average beer at 5.4% alcoholic content, this averages 253 milliliters per week for approximately 2 weekends per month.

    However, Chao's new research have caused quite a uproar among several universities that demand more of his data. The students of University of California, Santa Barbara, have demanded to see more of this data. Ranked number 2 party school by Playboy magazine in 2006, and ranked 54 nationally by US News Press compared to other universities in the United States, UCSB students have desired to compare his data to the residential research of UCSB's 3 Nobel Peace Prize scientists. Similar outcries from various education institutions such as Arizona State University and University of Michigan have demanded him to show them his data.

    Garry Chao have been unavailable for comments.
    Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
    8:22 pm
    Yea, besides the regular weekend of boozing and looosing, i been busy between classes and internship. Last friday, i had my first real actual assignment as a intern. I did my first public press release. Holla. Its for this model name France Grissolange. You can check her out from the video below. I felt very....Entourage-ish? HAHa. Yea, i know. But it was cool typing it out and then getting responses from three different newspapers, the Santa Barbara News-Press, Santa Barbara Sound Press and the Independent. Pretty awesome. Its cool that Sabrina has pretty much given me hte France assignment so its up to me. ha ha, let see if wilson can not fuck this up.

    Meanwhile, my life has taken several interesting turns. After much debate with myself and my denial of my geekhood, i have decided to go to Comic Con International at SD. Awesome. I was originally not going to go because a) im broike and without a job. B) do i want to be that big of a geek and c) waste of time. However, with enough in the bank roll and a free ticket for being a volunteer, i am offically there for july 21 to 23. Excited? FUCK YEA.

    Im hoping to meet Geoff Johns and Brian Meltzer. Its gonna be so sick. So many people are gonna be there, especially famous real people like Brian Singer, Brett Rayner and all these other famous comic book actors, directors and etc. Fuck, even Jennifer Love Hewitt is gonna be there. Watch me fuck that up even more. That girl is fucking hot. Im just gonna blabber an dmake an idiot out of myself before asking her to take a picture with me. HAHa. But then, she's no Agent M but then....Agent M is no Jennifer Love Hewett.

    Meanwhile, i'll wasting time away just slaying away time during philosophy 2. Its a fucking wacked job class. Semi-boring but nothing too exciting. It gets me feeling too emo. Maybe animals do desreve some sorta right. Maybe we shouldnt have abortions. Maybe not. I dont know. Its a very enlightening class.

    What a disaster at the All STar Game. Mike Young, my former boy, hits a triple at 1-2 to ring in 2 RBIs in the top of the 9th. Fucking Trevor Hoffman. 2nd time most on the all time saves list. Bullshit...he doesnt desereve it. He can take his all time saves list and shove it if he has a 10.3 ERA in all star games. Disgusting.

    Meanwhile, "Fronting N's Get Wacked" make a surge in power and comes up big to number 1 spot. My sub-in of Ryan zimmerman is working a charm over Ensberg. Im going to tryp to trade some of my offense to get some pitching. WIth 3 guys on my team leading the league in HRs and RBIS, im set on offense. Dunn is almost expendible at this point. Verlander is doing alright but scared he might slump after the all star break. Scary.

    Superman with Ellie was amazing. I stopped breathing a few minutes. HAHA. That intro, ellie just looked at me and said, wilson....breathe. I also wrote a paper in my ethics class based on the movie...."Why the world needs Superman?" but honestly, 4 1/2 out of 5 for superman.

    I got a midterm 2morrow.....shuttter.........later.\
    Introducing FRANCE!
    Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
    6:43 pm
    the real world....cough, right
    funny joke:

    wilson: Man, with a few million dollars, i would so buy a country in africa.
    phil: Yea but what are you going to do with it?
    wilson: I dont know, im pretty sure slavery would work. Agriculture is big buisness man.
    phil: Im sure the UN will get on your ass
    wilson: We'll just give them another name....share croppers
    phil: Indentured servents
    wilson: Interns.....HAHAHAH

    I thought that joke was pretty funny. But i have no beef with me being an intern. With the possibility of meeting Naomi Wattts and front roll seats to next year's Santa Barbara Independent Film Festival and gala, i am juiced. I start later this week and i hope to use this journal to document my hopeful ascendence into superstardom...hahahah. Just Kidding. It seems lately that everyone has gotten an internship. Weinstein's got one with the UCSB atletic department. Presto's got one with Lockheed...bastard. Visions of the future i guess.

    Ironically, there is someone who dont see internship as a way to get ahead.

    "You get out of college, going to CSU whatever, or UC (2nd tier) school, thinking that your shiny little diploma is enough to get you somewhere. Guess what people, that little paper doesn’t mean shit. So maybe you did a little bit of internship on the side, thinking that getting coffee everyday for Mr. Smith will propel your dreams toward office superstardom. Guess what people, that only moves you up the shit ladder slightly."

    I dont know if i should call you skeptic or retarded. Im gonna go for hte latter. I think internships are one of the greatest things you can possibly do before going professional. One of garry's favorite movie, as well as mine, is Training Day with my boy Denzel Washington. The best quote in this movie is "Its not what you know, its who you know and how you can prove it" Internships provide that way. When you got the hook ups and know the right people, your path is set. It never matters how much you know or what your resume says. For instance, my favorite example is the current GM Theo Epsien of the Boston Red Sox. All he did was intern under the owner of the Red Sox and then got the Assistant GM promotion after his graduation. Another example is the current Chief of Staff of the Bush Adminstration. Not too popular of a guy, just dated bush's daughter to get recognition to go for the gold. Its not what you know, its who you know. With internships, you meet the right people, your in the big money.

    And one last thing, you act like everyone is going to work in a office like a deadbeat like you. Sorry son, anything but that. You intern to be in a different setting then the crap your dealing with. Yes, i am interning at a film production company to be working at a office....dumbass. Yes, im sure engineers are going to be working at your office or a office. Im sure math majors are going be working at PetMart or whatever the fuck you work at after they graduate college.

    "Writing is probably my only talent that stands out, and I’ll certainly try and ride my wit towards relief from “the grind cycle”. So hell, if you have at least even a minimal amount of talent that could be exploited, dude, exploit the shit out of it. Instead of partying like a crazed dog every weekend, train the shit out of yourself. "

    "partying like a crazied dog"? "exploit the shit out of it"? talent? HAHAHAHAHAHAH Please. You would like to think you can be Max Tucker but you lack one thing. The alcahol abuse that makes Max so much more amusing than he is. He has that alcaholic charm and tendency that everyone relates too. Its best said on his book, "some people hate me and some people love me because im such an alcaholic." Nuff said. Writing about work and basketball is sure something that can sell. Im sure of it garry. Im sure that the rest of the world actually gives a god damn flying fuck about whatever you do at work and who peaves you off. Dumbass...

    Honestly, it seems that you havent changed much from the last time of arguing. You're still the closed minded man with the black and white view of the world. I know that you had a pretty fucked up child hood and all that yada yada, but at this point, it looks like you are nothing more then a emo kid angry at the world. You believe in "you reap what you sow" but what i do on my weekend nights on fridays and saturdays dont effect what i do.

    A little advice for you would be to take Philosophy 2 or in CC terms, philosophy 101, Intro to Ethics. "The Unexamined Life is not worth living" Socraties. Live it. Try that for once. You'll never have your youth again, so start living your life. Im sure you dont "have the time" but try it. You might actually like it.
    Monday, June 26th, 2006
    8:42 pm
    my life so far
    I am by far, god as of this moment. Well, since last saturday. Since school has gotten out, i been keeping myself busy with the normal boozing and losing but i been doing interviews here and there, trying to look for a part time job. I was on craigslist a few days ago and stumbled upon a calling for interns with a group called 'Blue Chair Productions'. They were asking for me to send in my resume. I sent it in and totally forgot about it until, ironically, the day i was hanging out with Erik and Brian at the AHS graduation. I was just chilling while listening to Siltanin do his graduation speech when i got a phonecall from an 805 number. I figure that since its 805 and after 7, it was a drunk dial. LO and Behold. It was a call back from Blue Chairs Production.

    apparently, they were looking for interns. I took the assignment with an interview on monday and needless to say, i did fairly well. I was originally bit scared and pretty intimidated by the surrounding. It was an interogation, almost Inquisition style setting. Lots of spanish artifacts with a miniture Iron Maiden torture chamber in a corner of a desk. The producer was micro managing two different computers while on the phone trying to get orders for a new script. Exciting. They asked me what i was doing, ie, the normal bullshit. I told them about my Film Studies class and they were interested in what i was watching, whats my favorite movies, and such. Well, being the "i think im fucking funny as shit" dude, i told them about my current obsession with Veronica Lake. And they apparently, loved Veronica lake too.

    HAHa, i never knew that my obesesion with blonds would get me credit but we talked about like differnet movies, especially one of my favorite 30's movie, Sullivan's Travel, which is apparently one of the co director's favorite film too. We talked a bit and i wondered what movies or commercials they've done. You wouldnt believe it. They were the ones that produced the Burger King commercial with the "Burger King" taking the touch down doing a micheal vick-esque TD run. They have also done tons of independent films and even contracts high end movie stars such as Naomi Watts. In the end of summer, they have a new commerical campaign that they will possibly shoot down in New Zealand and they plan to use interns for that as well. Lots of responsibilities but i assured them that i am really interested in films and would love the oppurtunity.

    Anyways, i forget about it and concented on school the last week. i had a interview with EB games, which woulda been a cool job but i chilled out on the interview, didnt try to hard. By friday night, i ended up watching A History of Violence, which was fucking good. I totally didnt expect. I heard good things about it but i never expected that it would be that good. Mimi is finally back so im excited about that.

    This weekend, i have a new nickname and wilson's new nickname shall be.....Laser. I know im pretty sick at beer pong but i didnt expect to be THAt good. I got a good shot but ive lost that clutch ability ever since freshman year so im not surprise that i can never hit that last cup. RAWR.

    Anyways, on saturday morning, hung over off my ass, i get a call. Its Sabrina from Blue Chairs Productions. In her words, 'wilson, thanks for talking to us on monday afternoon. We were both impressed by your resume and your visible interest in film and film production. We would be pleased to have you as an Intern." What can i say? I got christma and charm beyond my years. What can i say? Big diss and smooch to Veronica Lake.

    Anyways, speaking of internships and drinking on weekends, i was reading garry's entry and i ahve to say that his ignorance contines to astound me but im not surprise. What can i expect of someone who remains ignorant of the ways of eduation when he's still stuck at CC. and i quote

    "I wrote this piece as a means of explanation, people just don't "get it" and probably won't ever get it until it's too late. Dude, I hardly ever give out gratuity, but I hope my writing will help you "get it" sooner rather then later."

    Take that advice for yourself. more on that next time.
    Saturday, June 24th, 2006
    4:47 pm
    Ending the sportmart experiance
    this entry was postponed since the meeting up with sunny...yea, its been a while.

    Drinking the Sunday before finals is never the best idea, I have to be honest. I thought it was ahorrible idea, seeing how I have had drank the night before with ryan again. Well, nothing really happen on Saturday because honestly, I was still fucked up from the night before but I wanted to just get the fuck out of my house since it was so hot. We got a few brews and went out to hang out davey. It was chill, nice to be out side next to the beach and drink.

    Sunday however, was a different story. I was in the middle of my shift at borders when that fool David called me asking if they can use my place for their post Sportmart meeting party. I said that by that time, I was still at work so he ends up inviting me over after I get out. I said no promises seeing how…drinking on Sunday before dead week, no way….thats just dumb. Anyways, I was done with my shift but I desperately wanted to hang out with some of the old sportmart-ers again so I called him to see who was there. It was pretty since he was fucking drunk off his ass, not the first time. He does rollcall and I heard a few names such as Caesar and Amy and I decided to go. I roll over there by 11 only to see the daubchery known as Isla Vista.

    HAHA, yea, that many people were drunk and I wanted to play beer pong pretty bad too. I see Matt straight up and we high fived and hugged and did all that shit. We caught up and he makes some snickered remark about how Outdoors team beated Footwear team in beer pong. No mother fucker, you did not fucking say that. Now its on mother fuckaaaaaa. Im riled up now so I say, alrite, lets do this. Old school Footwear vs Old School Outdoors. He agrees and the teams ends up being Matt and Elvis vs Me and Cesear. Definitely fun. Except my teammate sucks. It was pretty cool how I was matching shot for shot against matty while Elvis and Ceasar sucked like hell. They both made clutch shots when needed but me and matty was making them shot for shot. He makes one, I make one. It came down to a cup each when th3ey beat us by sinking the shots. Bitch….. Definitely fun.

    I ended up talking to Amy most of the night because she’s my favorite sportmart-er other than Matt. We were talking about where we were living and yada yada. Then I told her something. It was a very “John Carter ER moment” when I said, “Amy, im done with sportmart, its up to you now. Make me proud because its apparent that you are the heir to the heart of sportmart” I realize that I don’t hang out with these guys anymore and more and more of the old staff is being replaced by some weak ass new people.

    The entire sportmart squad ended up doing flip cup. It was a 10 vs 10 match. I never seen that before. It was almost baseball, where we were like, “lead off man, number 3 and 4 slot guys and the rest of the crap and the pitcher.” HAHA. Definitely fun. I was slotted at 4, just my kinda style. When the cup got to me, I guzzled my beer to realize that someone spiked my drink with Cap Mo and Matty to my right said , “oh…my cup” HAHA, bastard. We played a few more matches before I called it a night. Lolo ended up calling me from Super Cukka’s. I ended up hanging out with lolo and her friends but I was way to faded to even know what was going on. That was the wild weekend. I passed out and went to class at 9 tomorrow. AWESOME!

    Since I am done with sportmart forever, im going through the roster ofall the sportmart guys that I love and will never forget, hopefully.

    Ashley Smith - for the rest of my life, any girl named Ashley will automatically be compared to this beauty of a girl. I still believe that she is still the most perfect girl ever. Straight up drinking and smoking beauty. Crude but loved wilson’s jokes and flirts. She was definitely older but I was hardly intimidated. I was intimidated by her laxness and how she straight up dealt with my shit all day every day. I loved her but too bad she graduated and didn’t want to be bothered by a freshman. Always and forever.

    Jacqueline – Sean’s hook up/sex whore of sportmart. Fun girl.

    Sarah – one of my favorite footwear people of all time. I loved her to death just because we got high too often and talked shit to all the other people in sports. I use to love going over to her pad and drink and smoke with that fool Matt. I made a myspace just to keep in touch with her. Definitely coolest person at sportmart ever.

    Mark from teamsports/footwear – Fellow stoner and fun guy. Amazing at madden. Definitely fun guy.

    Matty – By FAR, my favorite guy at sportmart. Guy as in male. No one is ever going to be cooler than Matt. Coolest emo guy ever. I use to talk to this guy all the time just because we had so much in common. Its funny because he’s a yankee’s fan and would make some impossible prophesies from Carl Pavano for Cy young to AROD was right on the Kungfoo Chop on Foulke. Helerious. I love this guy. Had an awesome TBS tattoo that inspired me to consider getting myself a tattoo, which is in the process.

    Hailey – For a good week or month, I couldn’t remember her name. I kept thinking her name was Heidi but I knew it was wrong. She is one of my favorite overall people in that place. Treated me well despite me being new and defending me from Ashley’s onslaught of mean jokes. I worked with her a lot in the morning and she definitely was one of my cooler pals from sportmart. Semi pretty but never a turn on, she was definitely coolest along the hotties in apparel.

    Amy – Need I say more. One of my favorite drinking buddies, honorary footwear chick, replacement for Wilson, yada yada.

    Ryan Overhalt - didn’t really hang out with him until after sportmart. We started hanging a whole lot more after meeting at Jennie’s party. Awesome guy, totally fun.

    Alrite, from this point on, im tired of writing. Here is just a list:

    Elizabeth (got her boyfriend stolen by Shannon)
    Tyler from outdoors
    Tyler from footwear
    Brandon (favorite black guy from sportmart)
    Mike D (D for douchbag)
    Sean (loved making and giving shit to Wilson, still one of my favorite guys there)
    Nick from Footwear (invited me to my first sportmart kegger and first keg stand)
    Kim (NYer who kick the shit out of a girl that was 2x her weight. Aesome person overall, best footwear recoverer ever)
    Robert (Manager) – coolest lead that always fixed my bike when it ran into shit.

    I cant remember the rest. I’ll keep posting names as I remember.
    4:35 pm
    part 4 of mega series (Phoenix Endsong)
    Seven years you assured me
    that I'd be fine if I complied
    only push the way off to fight you
    Now I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not sure
    Getting off my chest
    the story ends

    Don't treat me, I'm to blame (Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry)
    Don't treat me like I ever accused you

    Saosin, probably the one song I never regret listening to or taking such a large part of my life in freshman year. It would only be ironic that it would come to represent the fight between me and garry. Also ironic would be the fact that we have known each other for about 7 years now. I think it’s the best song to represent this broken relationship.

    I originally wanted to write this entry pretty high but with the whole job thing and shit, I figure, hey, why not just write it and when ur high, you can add something. Anyways, yea. I was a little shocked more than anything at the bleak remark he left on the comment. But its pretty low.

    Especially after he goes,
    peanutz4u2 (12:47:24 AM): hey man, I think the differences between the us are just getting bigger by the day, but fuck it, I just wanted to let you know I don't want to make this any bigger then it is, and we can both just walk away from this peacefully
    soul of heresy (12:47:56 AM): thats what ive decided a long time ago
    peanutz4u2 (12:48:24 AM): ok then
    peanutz4u2 (12:48:38 AM): well good luck to you man
    soul of heresy (12:48:48 AM): same to you

    I thought that was a ceasefire……but then he goes and calls me out about some shit about living my life the way I do yada yada yda. Right….stupid bastard. Im sure your proud of your achievements in life and im proud of mines, so get off my fucking nuts about it. You know, dispite all your hatred for your dad and that crap, it sounds like your nothing more than a little boy crying out for his daddy. Its just that your dad beat you. Cry me a fucking river.

    And you’re welcome. Im glad I made you feel like shit because hey, that’s what im good at. I was reading in nexus about the uses of words and how words make and break relationships all the time and im thinking about ours right now. Where the hell did it go? I mean, we’rve always had our differences but how did it just go straight to hell in about 2-3 days? I figure it might be anger built-up or pent up from years of separation or what not. Maybe college changed me and made my mind broader and more acceptable to drugs and influences of others. Maybe. Maybe I become more arrogant and prideful of my own accomplishments and try to not see others…no way.

    Well, I named phoenix endsong for various reasons. My myth class last quarter had a section about myths across the world dispite having no contact with each other, all believe in a bird like figure that is immortal that can die and resurrect itself. Chinese, Incans, Wiccan and Egyptian all believed in the phoenix. And I sort of too. I mean, there is always the possibility that we can be friends again but highly impossible. Its best leave it to fate to decide. The phoenix is now in ashes and we’ll let it stay dead.
    Thursday, June 8th, 2006
    12:28 am
    Sunny Steals wilson's wallet
    I have to be honest, i do sound like a alcaholic fromt he last 3 days of bingeing but i love every bit of it.

    If you want to know what life is of perpetual hell of drinking every night since Thursday to Sunday, welcome to Wilson land. Haha. Yea its been a pretty crazy weekend, to say the least but I love familiar faces, signing off my paycheck to girls, nad most and foremost, getting fucked up so whats the lost here.

    Well, highlights of this weekend wasn’t too bad. I don’t remember Thursday because, like usual, after getting home at 12, I went to Mimi’s to sesh out. She’s a cutie. She’s asian so im not as tempted as I usually am. I love a girl that can smoke but she’s….asssian…..(prounced like ewwwww). But at this point, I don’t care. Like the usual Wilson situation, I been poking and proding to see reactions but lately, we just get stoned and sit together with nothing happening. I drank a bit but I totally blame her. For instance, last week, I was hanging with Noah, Adrian and Sam when I was going back to my apartment to lock the door when I ran into her and she asked if I was down for a beer, which Wilson is ALWAYS down for. I went over and ended up watching “So you think you can dance”….yea.

    Friday…wow, the flood gates are down. Haha. I got back from work at 9ish and ryan, my budy from sportmart, gave me a call if I was down to get some beer and just chill the rest of the night while bashing each other’s brain out play9ing Soul Caliber 3, needless to say, I was still fucked up from last night. Ryan comes over and he’s 21 so we went to Albertson. Much to my surprise, there was a sale on Rolling Rock as well as the 30 pack of Keystone. To my Delight, I ended up spending about 25 bucks on booze. We roll back to my pad and we started to drink. Not that im going to do anything that night other than stay in, I was outside talking to ryan while he was smoking a cig. And lo and behold, Christina, from way down the hall, waves at me. Im not drunk at all, just finishing a beer or 2. This girl, at 10:30 was already hammered. This totally throws my night out, seeing how, just last year in the dorms, she lectures me every fucking time I got hammered out of my brain. See she is one of those “goody Asian kids”, not fob-by in any way, but just a good Christian and she dispised me with a capital D about my drinking and partying habits. Oh no, not tonight. Anyways, she’s stumbling down the way to give me a hug and tell me to come on over for drinks. HMM…….i politely decline seeing how my stomach was still feeling crappy from getting high as shit with Mimi and cramming about 20 dollars worth of food into my stomach varying from potato chips to hot dogs. Anyways, she somehow convinces a sober Wilson to come on over, have a few drinks with a roster of people from last year of FT. I agree and was shocked at the first few faces in the room.

    The first thing and last thing from the rush of new faces included a diving asian missile of streaking hair by the name of sunny running to give me a hug. Dazed and confused, as so is ryan at this point, being the only white guy in the room. Haha. Sunny gives me a hug with her running start and nearly collapses my back. We take a shot and we went outside to talk. Me and Ryan get busy entertaining various girls with funny stories from sportmart to Tatum’s drunken adventures. All in All, we were having a good time. So I decided to take Sunny outside for a little Wilson-Sunny time. We talk and catch up, seeing how I haven’t seen her in a good quarter and a ½, roughly 4-5 months. And she shows me something….her booobs! Just kidding, no she shows me her necklace. At first, I was confused and then, it clicked. They were sorority letters. Oh god….she is one of “THEM” now. Not that that I had anything against “them”, its just that, she’s one of them. Make no mistake, I have nothing against sororities, and I love sorority girls, theyre hot. But Sunny….Sorority, I wouldn’t ever believe that the would be on eo fthem. Needless to say, it was one of the “Asian Interest” sororities. But hey, a sorority is a sorority and that just makes Sunny that much hotter. And the new streaks, a la Kierstin Moore style, makes her that much hotter. We went out and she bummed a smoke of ryan and apparently, she is also one of those who enjoy smoking cigs while drunk, much like me. Besides, I felt a little awkward in there…too many Asians….We talk and catch up. She criticizes me for being a doosh for not hanging out or talking to her for a while and I made the case of either

    a) stoned,
    b) drunk,
    c) im in class
    d) im working. (my favorite one)

    So we made an agreement, much to my dislike, that from now on, we will hang out every other week, twice in a month. While twice is not too bad, odds are that if we do hang out twice in a month, hopefully, we’ll hang out a lot more often. IE Domino effect. But sly little Sunny had a secret trick up her sleeve. And it doesn’t help that Wilson was trying to catch up with Sunny on the BAC content either. So, inadvertently, she ask me when is my paycheck and I tell her up coming Friday so we somehow settled on that we will hang out ever 1st and 3rd Friday, so it would realign with my paycheck. Wow….did I really do that? Apparently, I did. She did say that she didn’t expect me to buy her dinner every time or what not but it was a good way to just find a way to hang out and do shit together.

    Anyways, we catch up, talk shit about phil and the drink until she was borderline pass out and had to get to her sisters. Haha. Anyways, the rest of the party was slowly dieing. Nisha, this small but yet sorta cute Indian chick was there too. We’ve been hanging out too lately, and she was really good friends with Christina’s roommate, Amita, who has now officially passed out on my couch. So im sitting on my chair, with Nisha on my lap, courteously flirting with her and ryan is an inch away from passing out too but playing soul caliber by himself. I kick his ass home and amita is borderline not even mentally capable of thinking.

    The night did not end the way I want. I, through just drunken logic, invited Nisha to stay for the night, if you know what I mean. She clearly wanted to but she had shit to do at 8 and she had to wake up at 7. bLAHKJDLskFJdksSDJF. Fucking a….oh well. I didn’t take it too hard and I ended up passing out pretty soon after that. I love drunk nights.
    Thursday, June 1st, 2006
    1:39 am
    a prevalent return
    After a month long hiatus……your favorite dxer is back. Alrite, by now, you guys were probably nervous…or hell, worried, that the darkest knight might have taken one bong rip and one shot of 151 too much and found himself in the gutters of Isla Vista. Hahaha, no way, im not that dumb and besides, I got fucking amazing directions when im plastered.

    Im just going to summarize whats been going on. I had midterms too weeks ago so I was borderline suicidal for a good long week. The body can only do so much before it shuts down. But honestly it didn’t happen to me, but I was pretty damn close to it. Here’s a bit of advice for those who don’t believe in sleep, thers nothing more satisfying then a bong rip before sleep and a monster when you wake up. But you need the drive for it. If you saw my schedule for the week, you’ll be amazed that I was even remotely brain functional. Yea, talk about insanity. But yea, the last week before the finals at SBCC and midterms at the UC required so much time and memory. Especially with the low class retarded procrastination and sleeping during lecture, I had a lot to catch up on. But yea, wilson’s a fucking baller and I got fucking drive. I’ll go through every one these so called obstacles with a vengeance. No quarter was given and I slayed them all. Relentlessness was definite. I slept about 4 hours a day for two entire weeks. Class starts early, I wake up at 6 and then go to class for several hours, then an hour break, then another few hours of class. Aftewords, I get home about 3-4 and work on my shit. Not including work on Saturdays, Sundays, possibly Fridays and Thursdays. Work on my shit until probably 3 in the morning, I take a bong rip and then pass out. Wake up next day, straight caffine, none of that coffee shit for me, with a full bottle of Monster and im off to class.

    That was pretty much my days. Except for finals alnd shit all pound together. Im too lazy to type it all out so it’s a list.

    - meeting Kacey one night (im going to have to write about this but unless u know me well enough, I aint going to tell you what happen)
    - seeing how the last entry was about sportmart party with jennie, there were a few more parties such as the Borders Party and another sprotmart party. I have to say that I love partying with amy. Just cant help being around fun and infectiously cool people.
    - More drinking and smoking
    - Sessing out with various people, including Donnie Darko with Nisha and Alice in Wonderland with Mimi
    - Annoying girls name Rachel
    - Shoulder rolling to avoid leandra
    - My obsession with blonds or actually, just blond girls name Veronica Lake
    - The Maddox Book is so fucking amazing and funny. I also read the David Well’s autobiography which was equally if not better. Meanwhile, a bit disappointed with Max Tucker’s new book but you’ll see why when I write about it. I swear it’s the same fucking shit I write, drunken nights of acting retarded.

    Yea…I’ll eventually write about it all…..or not. I think I been smoking a lot more lately. Especially when I realize that I don tneed to deal with school as often. Its nice to just kick back, get high and sit out in the sun and pass out. Wait, it’s not nice, its amazing.
    Friday, May 5th, 2006
    10:57 pm
    My goddess of alcahol
    As life goes on, I realize something, I am forever spiritually connected to ex-coworkers. I love my sportmart coworkers to death. I really do. The things they do and the way they make me feel, I love it. And its just a bond of comaderiee that I really enjoy and the things they can do for you in exchange for your services. Im starting to feel attached to my borders co workers. They’re way awesome. I’ll talk about them as I keep going.

    Last Friday was pretty nice. I ended up getting out of work around 9:00 and getting home to start getting wasted. I pre-partyed with Adrian and ended smoking some huge bong loads. As you can tell, this is a set up for a disaster waiting to happen. I was already pretty high and getting sloppy drunk but I held back. You know, showing some sort of control, well, at least for now. I ended up calling Karen to see what she was up to since its been quite a while since we talked but then again, im too drunk too often and I really need to calm down on the drinking. Anyways, she and ellie was going to meet up with me later since ellie is working to 12. What a trooper.

    Anyways, im pretty drunk and me and Adrian with Lulu ended up going to jennie’s party. I was honestly hoping that I don’t see or talk to Janet, seeing how the events from the week before at the sportmart party before had gotten a littlebit out of control. I did, however, ended up running to Amanda Butler. Haha, that girl wanted josh’s balls so bad. Different time for a different story.

    I gotten pretty trashy at the party with a full blown bar. I realize that when im drunk, I enjoy dancing a lot so I ended up dancing with Lu. I think she’s pretty bad but hey, you didn’t hear that from me. She was cold… a dancer, which conflicted with my dancing skills and I just decided to drop it. It was round like 11ish and I was like, okay,I think I should sober up and stop drinking. Then a god-sent blond angel appears before me. Yeah…..when im trying to sober up, in comes jennie, hands full in beers, and offers me 2. Wow, how much does god hate me? A lot seems to be the answer. Anyways, I get absolutely trashed up. I mean, holy shit. I don’t remember much aftrer that point. Ellie and Karen comes rolling in at around 12ish. They saw how drunk I was so they decided tot ake care of me. Sweet girls.

    Damn jennie…she’s going to be my undoing. A) I cant say no to a hot chick like that. Never. “Wilson, will u pick up my trash for me? “ Yes sir. “Wilson, my foot hurts, rub it” yes sir. “Wilson, I have a shift from 7 to 4, get it for me” Yes sir. Not really but that’s the point. She offered me alcohol. Who was I to turn it down. Yessh. B) I cant say no to peer pressure when it comes to alcohol. Hey, its not mines, I should drink. And im up holdeing the spirit of UCSB. Damn fucking right im going to drink. I aint garry. Im not a fucking nerd. Shit…’

    I ended up waking up next morning and going, how the FUCK did I get here? And then things start coming back to me. Ellie and Karen ended up walking me back to their place and then drove me home.  that sucks. I think its time for me to talk to ellie and Karen. I think I been too drunk too often and its fucked up that they have to take care of me. I mean, it should be an equal relationship where we take care of each other so we all have our own “days”. BLAH.

    So I went to work next day. I have to say, the girl cashier that I work with, Christina, is fucking hot. I think she can be the hottest girl that works here but theres so many decent to good looking girls that hey, theres not really a “loser”. Alrite, I can think of a few ones but I wont say, just so that I wont get caught saying it. But I do think that this girl name Rachel is cute. She worked the orientation day with me and she’s cute, in a nerdy way. She can be hot, if she tried. Meredith, both, are hot. Veronica is fucking amazingly hot. I am wilin got put 10 that she has a boyfriend, just because she is THAT hot.

    Anyways, me and Christina mutally mess around a lot. When I found out that she was sorority girl, it only gave me a fair amount of ammunition to give her shti about. I mean, it’s not like I have anything against sorority girls but I just like giving her crap and she givesl me crap. Its fun and I love it. Anyways, I decided to take her shift 2morrow because she has her ISVBT, the intersorority volleyball tournament. Yea, she said she’ll hook it up with the introductions 2morrow so yah! Go me. Biut she’s cute and she’s smart and she’s a sorority girl. Where can she go wrong? Anyways I flirt with her a bit everytime but hey, the last thing I want is shit from work so I wont make any serious attempts.

    Anyways, thers so much more to talk about but I gotta go back to work. Im typing here from border’s café. Free Coffee! Ayways later.
    Thursday, April 27th, 2006
    1:17 am
    digusted with myself
    Yea, it’s a little late of a update seeing how I been to another sportmart party besides this one but this one was definitely amazing and I still need to type mjy OYL about sportmart and its many great ex-coworkers. But yea, I went to one hell of a amazing sportmart party at the great Amy’s house again.

    Ironically, the way I see this party was very different. A lot of things did happen but the true reason why I really sorta found it annoying was cuz it was one of the reasons that I invited Garry down here. I know that he never found going out to parties a “cool” or social thing to do but hey, what do I know about meeting people? *sarcastic*. The reason I invited him down here was because I love amy and everytime she throws something, damn, helluv people show up, its always fun. I never had a bad time at amy’s party and she always falls through with the alcohol as well as the FU in Fun.

    This time, she decided to have a “high lighter” party. In other words, all white with black lights. I love these black lights, they’re up there with CEO and OFFICE HOE parties as well as Jock Jams parties. I love it. Anyways, supposily, a lot of sportmart people were going to show up and I been there long enough so that every still knjows and loves me. Hey, im the idiot drunk funny guy, I cant not be there. Anyways, I got there and it was crazy. Dave was fucking drunk and out of control and so was everyone else. I had a shot or two before heading out. I was barely buzzed but amy got me drinking pretty fast. Stupid hoe. *its in a good way* She was like, come on Wilson, chug! And I fall to peer pressure when it comes to shots. Way fast. I means, HOW CAN YOU TURN DOWN BONDING PERIOD! Anyways, I was having fun, just drinking and shit. Then more and more sportmart people started showing up.

    I dojnt know man, but it was sweet seeing old co-workers and talking shit. And this girl brought this dog and we got the dog drunk. Yea, that was pretty fucked up. The dog kept walking around and finally, I got annoyed so I had a cup of Jungle Juice and I had the dog drink out of it. Helerious. He wouldn’t stop and we finally started giving it beer. When it got outside, I just fucking got all retarded. But then, everyone was outside on the lawn, just chilling. Eventually, the guest of honor, or to quote Mike D, “The stupid ugly butt whore”, got there. Janet, my ex manager, got there. Whoa… fucking smashed, do I really want to be deal witht his? And apparently, the answer is yes. We ended up talking so that was unexpected. I can say that there was no real bad blood between us, maybe its because I stop taling to her or stop giving her shit. I don tknow.

    David got really fucked up and startede being emo. That was definitely annoying. Everyone had to try to help him out and that got everyone sorta depressed. Eventually, me and amy was dancing on the dance floor and janet joined. Brandon, the black guy from sportmart was also dancing with us and that got weird. Brandon was smart and slipped behind Amy. That left me the odd man out. OH fucking wait, there is one spot left. Behind Janet. At this point, I had way more than I should so I slipped behind Janet and we were freaking on the dance floor. Now that im sober and thinking about it. *barf*. BHAHDHFDHKDLHFSLJFDS. Disgusting. I think something crawled up my throat and I wanna throw it out. BLAH. But I was fuciking drunk and I love to dance because, hell, im good at it. Or so says, Karen and Ellie. And apparently, parwan said that I do fairly well when im outnumbered too which is always a good quality. Anyways, its always a little weird.

    Yea, Dancing with janet on the dance floor with my balls grinding her ass sorts of put things in perspective.

    Anyways, at this point and janet talking aobut fondling amy boobs sortas kill any libido I had. I tried to call Ellie but she didn’t pick up. Boo Hoo whore…. Anyways, more on the ellie thingy later. Fo shizzzile. But yea I was fucking drunk. Me and Brandon decided to head out after another 30 minutes of dancing and we splitted off and went home. This was about 1:30ish.

    I head back to my place and stopped off at noahs and adrians place. It was just a brief stop, supposily. But eventually, I get caught up playing chess. I easily take down Noah. I took quite a few hits here and there, more than I should have but I was fucking GONE. By the end of the night, I ended up playing Adrian’s bropther at fucking 3 in the morning for 5 bucks. Yea, it was weird. I won the first one but I lost a really close one. I should ahad it. I made so many bad mistakes on the 2nd game. I shoulda had it. I don’t mind. It was a good match. Real close.

    I ended up passing out and the next night was a night in with more drunk chess. I stopped off at sportmart manager brian’s asian frat party. Absolutely disgusting. I hate asian frat parties. So gay. Everyone was so fuckin Eed up that it was absolutely disgusting. They offered, of course they offer to a asian brother, but hell, why the hell do I want to do E. Im all anbout drinking and weed but I don’t fucking touch anything else. Coke, meth, acid, fuck all that shit. Shrooms maybe but that’s as far as it goes.

    Anyways, yea, that was the last weekend. I find myself disgusted tha ti freaked janet. Its quite scary. Update in a few days. Late.
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